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From Michael Alan Dorman <>
Subject Re: Best place to discuss CQL Binary Protcol spec?
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2013 01:48:25 GMT
paul cannon <> writes:
> It has the same structure as a string map, but might not necessarily *be* a
> string map. I would guess that this phrasing is used because it may be
> possible to have multiple identical "keys" in this structure, which would
> not make sense in a [string map]. (Although I don't think it's explicitly
> stated, it seems safe to imply that [string map] is intended to be a plain
> lookup table, not a set of arbitrary pairs.)

OK, so it is distinct.  Thanks for the clarification.

> As the doc says, each <value_j> is a [bytes], which means it's represented
> on the wire as an [int] x followed by x bytes.

Thank you for pointing out what I had succeeded in reading repeatedly
without actually processing. ;)

At the same time, that seems to gloss over the structure of the
content---it's not all encoded as string values, or is it?


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