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From William Katsak <>
Subject Question about Streaming
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 20:11:50 GMT

I am working on some modifications of Cassandra in an academic setting 
(research code, not for a class), and have a question regarding bulk 
streaming of data across the network (e.g. between nodes).

Assume that I have some known set of key/column family combos that are 
known good/current on a node A, and known stale on a node B (forget 
about hinted handoff, etc. assume that this mechanism isn't being used). 
I can obviously bring these up to date on B by using anti-entropy 
repair, but this checks all the data and is CPU/time intensive. I have 
written code that brings this data up to date using the same mechanism 
as read repair (e.g. an item at a time), and this works fine, but is 

What I am interested in doing is something in between. I want to bulk 
stream a series of updates between nodes like anti-entropy does, but I 
want the data that is sent to only be part of the specific itemized set 
that I am interested in.

Is this something that is possible to do with the current code that 
exists, assuming that I already have code that keeps track of this set 
of stale data?

Advice is much appreciated.

Bill Katsak
Rutgers University

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