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From Matthias Pfau <>
Subject Re: Inconsistent dependencies
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 09:01:33 GMT
On 04/25/2012 10:14 AM, Stephen Connolly wrote:

>>> b.) go a step back and don't version any jars in lib/ but automate the
>>> retrieval of license files (would do this for you, if needed)
>> I'd be interested in seeing what reaction you get to this... I suggested
>> it a while back, but got nowhere

I hope that we can convince them to make this change. However, I 
understand their need to not update notice and license files manually, 
so that must be automated.

>> Every so often, I get some cycles free and I check the pom for being valid
>> and push patches to the C* devs. [...]

Wow, thanks for your ongoing efforts! I know that this is a hard work 
especially because there is no 1:1 dependency between pom jars and 
versioned jars.

>> In general, maintaining the pom is something that can fall off the C* devs
>> radar... in part because some of the devs are not interested in generating
>> poms (I suspect as a result of being burned by some of the woefully bad
>> maven builds I have seen some people force on people [virtually looks at
>> co-worker and shakes head]) and in part because most of the devs are not
>> "Maven" people and so do not fully grok the pom itself.

I must admit that I do not like maven either. However, the idea of 
dependency management is a good one. We are using gradle which has 
increased our "build-happiness" a lot in comparison to times when we 
were using ant and maven.

>> I will take a quick look and see if I can push a patch, sylvain or
>> jonathan are usually happy to apply them for me.
> created.
> Note that those two dependencies look to be the only critical diffs. The
> other diffs are just purely cosmetic by my analysis.

Thank you!

Kind regards

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