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From Matthias Pfau <>
Subject Inconsistent dependencies
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2012 07:39:48 GMT
Hi there,
yesterday, we noticed that cassandra is currently published with 
inconsistent dependencies. The inconsistencies exist between the 
published pom and the published distribution (tar.gz).

This is a serious issue for us as we are using pom dependencies for
development/testing and a tarball distribution for production.

I have read and 
understood that you version all runtime dependencies in lib/ because you 
have to update license files manually and therefore see no benefit in 
using ivy.

However, I would like to make the following proposals for solving the 
described issue:
a.) don't put everything from lib/ on the compile classpath but rather 
each library individually. Extract the versions into constants that are 
used to put the jars from lib/ onto the classpath and to generate a 
consistent pom.
b.) go a step back and don't version any jars in lib/ but automate the 
retrieval of license files (would do this for you, if needed)
c.) create a fat-jar of all dependencies or relabel all dependencies and 
publish them to the maven repo, too

What do you think?

I am also interested in knowing what you do to workaround this problem! 
And if it is not a problem for you, please tell me why...

Kind regards

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