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From Maki Watanabe <>
Subject Question about current ThreadPool implementation (1.0.7)
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 12:01:50 GMT
I've found all JMXEnabledThreadPool and JMXConfigurableThreadPool are
constructed with LinkedBlockingQueue as workQueue, and the LBQs are
constructed by the default constructor. It means the queue has
Integer.MAX_VALUE capacity.
In other words, any tasks won't be rejected (Dropped) before we would
have Integer.MAX_VALUE=2Billion "Pending" tasks.
And even if a task is rejected, DebuggableTheadPool will retry to
queue it again in 1000ms interval forever.
So, once a runnable task is executed by one of these
ThreadPoolExecutor sub classes, it will not be removed nor canceled
without the completion (or OOM).

Would you confirm my understanding is correct?


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