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From Sylvain Lebresne <>
Subject About 1.1
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 11:00:27 GMT

We've freezed 1.1.0 on Jan 31. Which means our current target for the
release is Feb 31, a.k.a March 2.
To help us focusing on that release, I did a quick pass on JIRA and
moved what didn't seem to me like 1.1.0 material to 1.1.1. I don't
mean to impose anything by that, so feel free to move issue back to
1.1.0 if you think I've made a mistake. There is even probably some
issue I've left to 1.1.0 that shouldn't be there. As a side note, I've
moved most CQL3 related issue to 1.1.1 but since we've decided the
freeze wasn't really affecting that, we can just change the fix
version while committing if the patch for one of those issue is ready
for 1.1.0.

Looking at what remains for 1.1.0, we've either made a damn good job
at making it stable or we need to do some serious testing. I think
it's safe to assume that the latter won't hurt in any case, so all
help with that will be greatly appreciated. To make that easier I was
thinking of doing a beta1 shortly.

On the git front, 1.1.0 changes should go to the cassandra-1.1 branch
and 1.1.1 changes should go to trunk. Do *not* commit 1.2 changes at
this point. Actually, do *not* work on 1.2 at all: if you care about
Cassandra, help testing 1.1 instead.


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