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From Peter Schuller <>
Subject Re: major version release schedule
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2011 19:21:45 GMT
Here is another thing to consider: There is considerable cost involved
in running/developing on old branches as the divergence between the
version you're running and trunk increases.

For those actively doing development, such divergence actually causes
extra work and slows down development.

A more reasonable approach IMO is to make sure that important
*bugfixes* are backported to branches that are sufficiently old to
satisfy the criteria of the OP. But that is orthogonal to how often
new releases happen.

The OP compares with PostgreSQL, and they're in a similar position.
You can run on a fairly old version and still get critical bug fixes,
meaning that if you don't actually need the new version there is no
one telling you that you must upgrade.

It seems to me that what matters are mostly two things:

(1) When you *do* need/want to upgrade, that upgrade path you care
about being stable, and working, and the version you're upgrading too
should be stable.
(2) Critical fixes need still be maintained for the version you're
running (else you are in fact kind of forced to upgrade).

/ Peter Schuller (@scode,

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