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From Eric Evans <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Moving CQL drivers
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 15:36:57 GMT
On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 3:32 PM, Nick Telford <> wrote:
> It may be prudent to have someone to accept responsibility for each of the
> official drivers in Extras. This way we could have a single ticket (perhaps
> with sub-tickets for each driver) to ensure drivers are brought up to date
> for each release.
> This would be less about polluting the C* JIRA with implementation details
> for each driver, more of a place for driver maintainers to report-in that a
> driver is compatible with an impending release.
> This would also make it easier to identify if/when a driver is no longer
> being maintained, allowing us to strike it off the list of "official
> drivers" until it's been reined in.
> I guess it depends on the level to which we want the drivers associated with
> C*.

People come and go for various reasons so I'm not sure you could make
this work effectively.  I do however like the idea of having some sort
of gate, or acceptance criteria, for being included in the list of
drivers that we associate ourselves with.

Perhaps we could devise a basic set of requirements for tests, and
then require that a common CI system somewhere be running the tests.
The test results could be used to determine (continued )acceptance.

Eric Evans
Acunu | | @acunu

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