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From Eric Evans <>
Subject Re: Questions regarding the future of CQL
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 16:59:02 GMT
On Fri, 2011-07-29 at 09:28 +1200, Todd Nine wrote:
> 1. Will CQL ultimately replace thrift as a client api?

Personally, I don't think there is a lot of room for alternative
interfaces at this level.  Which is to say that ultimately, one will
become the de facto standard just because that's what everyone uses.
More and more that looks like it will be CQL. 

> 2. If CQL will become the interface, has any thought been given to
> order by and rownum equivalent functionality in CQL?  This seems like
> a major requirement for most webapps when dealing with secondary
> indexing and paging.  Currently I handle this with dynamic composites,
> and build a secondary query index with ordering via columns by adding
> order fields between the indexed fields and the RK in my column.
> Would something like this be possible directly in Cassandra, or would
> Lucene style iterators be preferred?  Personally, I prefer to take the
> disk space hit and construct the ordering at the column level.

If I understand what you're asking, then it doesn't sound like a CQL
issue per say.  For example, the RPC API doesn't allow reordering of row
keys because it would be prohibitively expensive in the general case,
and this is no different for CQL. 

> 3. Do you guys feel I should focus efforts on improving the CQL
> functionality then migrating the JPA plugin to it, or do you feel it
> is too early to begin using the JDBC CQL drivers for this type of
> functionality? 

Short of things like super columns, the functionality is equivalent, so
I would say go for it. 

Eric Evans

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