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From Maifi Khan <>
Subject Consistency level All for read operation
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2010 21:27:52 GMT
Inside org.apache.cassandra.thrift,  in, it seems
that read operation for Consistency level  "all" is not supported.

Is this the case?
Does this mean there is no way to read from all the copy?  if there
are 3 copies of data, I would like to read all of them.

I gave the code snippet below.

  protected Map<String, ColumnFamily>
readColumnFamily(List<ReadCommand> commands, ConsistencyLevel
    throws InvalidRequestException, UnavailableException, TimedOutException
        // TODO - Support multiple column families per row, right now
row only contains 1 column family
        Map<String, ColumnFamily> columnFamilyKeyMap = new

        if (consistency_level == ConsistencyLevel.ZERO)
            throw new InvalidRequestException("Consistency level zero
may not be applied to read operations");
        if (consistency_level == ConsistencyLevel.ALL)
            throw new InvalidRequestException("Consistency level all
is not yet supported on read operations");
        if (consistency_level == ConsistencyLevel.ANY)
            throw new InvalidRequestException("Consistency level any
may not be applied to read operations");


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