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From Oleg Anastasjev <>
Subject Re: cassandra for a inbox search with high reading qps
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2010 12:58:56 GMT
Chen Xinli <chen.daqi <at>> writes:

> would you pls describe the manual operation with more details?
> I have not found any related information.
Um, this is code of our in-house implementation of cassandra client libraries.
The main idea is that normally clients query ring and work directly with nodes
found in ring until they detect failure or slow down of a particular node. 
Then clients fail over to the next node in ring automatically. Failed node is
placed by clients to failed nodes list and will not ever be used by clients
operator's command. This command is not to cassandra servers, but to clients
saying to exclude node from failed nodes list.

And there is procedure, that operator should inspect, did failed node finished
hinted handoff prior issuing this command to clients.

If we'd have possibility to inspect this condition automatically, we'd
eliminated this manual inspection from our workflow.

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