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From Robin Bowes <>
Subject Re: cassandra increment counters, Jira #1072
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 22:35:09 GMT
On 12/08/10 19:21, Jesse McConnell wrote:
> out of curiosity are you shooting for incrementing these counters 10k
> times a second for sustained periods of time?


Our traffic pattern varies between 5.5k and 10k connections/hits per
second. We currently process the hits and log to MySQL (partitioned
DBs). We're looking into the possibility of using cassandra. I don't
think we'll be sending each hit to the DB individually, ie. 10k hits/sec
won't correspond to 10k updates/sec, but I imagine the counter updates
will be fairly high volume. We'll bottom that out in our initial testing.


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