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From Thomas Heller <>
Subject Stateful Thrift/Avro API in 0.7 (set_keyspace)
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 15:56:59 GMT

I wonder if there is any particular reasoning why the API
(thrift/avro) will become stateful in 0.7? Granted it already is doing
that for "login", but why is the keyspace argument moved to a stateful

I wrote a ruby client to help me in my app development and while it
currently just connects to one keyspace, I was planning to divide my
data into several keyspaces since there are some parts of data where I
want a higher RF and some where a low RF is just fine.

In preparation for 0.7 I'd now refactor parts of my client to support
stateful keyspace selection but I just wondered why this "stateful"
path was chosen? Will set_keyspace() be an expensive operation?


For the curious, my Client is available at:

While fully functional I doubt it would be very useful too anyone else
at this time.

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