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From Folke Behrens <>
Subject Column types rather pointless now
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 22:01:35 GMT

Since Cassandra switched to byte arrays for both keys and column names
marshalling has been completely offloaded to app devs.

Wouldn't it then be better to drop all but BytesType? (LongType could be
replaced by a comparator that accepts integers of arbitrary byte length,

My advice:
- drop AsciiType because even Americans use a lot of words with
diacritcs, like fiancée, über, née, jalapeño, etc. It's also much slower
than BytesType.
- replace LongType with CASSANDRA-1282. This lets Cassandra accept other
integer values, i.e., ints from 32-bit PHP.
- drop UTF8Type because it's just BytesType with fancy log messages.
- drop LexicalUUIDType. Ditto.
- deprecate TimeUUIDType. Since users now have to serialize UUIDs
themselves they could just rearrange the bits of the timestamp and use
the fast BytesType, no?
- and finally, merge BytesType and AbstractType. No point in having the
standard comparator span over two classes.



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