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From Philip Stanhope <>
Subject Re: Packaging Cassandra for Ubuntu
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2010 18:33:57 GMT
I have only used the modified sources.list approach to make apt-get work. In my case the only
java running on the resulting ubuntu 9.1 karmic koala instance was to support Cassandra.

What would the preferred best practice be? For example, would it be to have the *.jar files
be placed in a private Cassandra specific directory and classpath pointing to that?

A related concern that I have with this approach is that it pulls the openjdk version. Yet,
recommended best practice from folks who've been running Cassandra for awhile is to use the
Sun jvm. I understand the reason to prefer the non-Sun/Oracle option from a packaging perspective
... but when advice is given to "of course use the Sun JDK..." I do wonder.

From my perspective, I don't care where things end up. I simply want to be able to something
like the following:

apt-get update

And then one of the following:

apt-get install cassandra_0_6_2_open_jdk_XX
apt-get install cassandra_0_6_3_open_jdk_XX
apt-get install cassandra_0_6_3_sun_jdk_XX
apt-get install cassandra_latest_sun_jdk_XX

I'd like similar options for yum for CentOS.

Given the relatively fast moving changes with Cassandra, being able to install a specific
version is very important to me. 


On Jun 3, 2010, at 10:55 AM, Clint Byrum wrote:

> Greetings,
> I've discussed this on the IRC channel briefly before (handle: SpamapS) and am interested
in hearing what the Cassandra developer community as a whole has to say about our efforts
to package Cassandra for Ubuntu.
> Some of you may know that it is against policy in both Debian and Ubuntu  to package
something with embedded library binaries [1]. Cassandra's current debian packages ship the
lib/*.jar files, and so cannot be included in the official archives.
> Some have expressed concern that we might end up using different versions of the libraries
than are shipped with a given release of Cassandra. Thats entirely possible, as we may have
other java applications that use these libraries already.
> So I am appealing to you, the Cassandra development community, to weigh in with your
recommendations on making Cassandra and its dependencies available in Ubuntu.
> Specifically I'd like to address:
> * What is the perceived and real impact of Library versions diverging from Cassandra's
shipped libraries over time.
> * We will most likely conflict with the Cassandra published debian packages. Is this
acceptable? Suggested solutions?
> Thank you!
> Clint Byrum
> Ubuntu Server Team
> --
> 1.

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