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From Clint Byrum <>
Subject Cassandra Ubuntu "PPA"
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2010 22:56:07 GMT
I'd like to get all of your opinion on the PPA that we've built to help Cassandra users on

PPA stands for Personal Package Archive, and it is a system for building small apt repositories
that users can easily add to their systems.

As Eric Evans noted on IRC today, most users will be fine just pointing at the apache repository
and installing cassandra from there.

The only reason we've chosen to build a PPA is the continuously changing nature not only that
Cassandra has, but Ubuntu as well. While we try to stay as close to Debian as possible, its
entirely possible we'll break with Debian for a release, and we'd like to make sure our users
are able to run and/or rebuild the latest packages on their systems. Likewise there may be
other complementary packages like thrift that are not in apache's repository, that we can
add to this one.

We're basically just taking the debian source packages you're already putting out, and rebuilding
it on top of Ubuntu releases.

The focus of this is to help users reduce the amount of manual building/packaging/script writing
they have need to do to get up and running and keep current. While we won't be able to offer
the level of support that we do for packages in main, we're hoping that by staying as close
as possible to your upstream releases we can help you support these users as well.

So, I hope you will find it useful to point Ubuntu users here:

I welcome your comments!

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