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From Jonathan Ellis <>
Subject 0.7 roadmap
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 02:07:17 GMT
0.7 has been coming along at the same time that we've been releasing
updates for 0.6 (0.6.2 coming soon).

Some things look familiar from our first projected 0.7 roadmap [1] but
some do not.  (This is why when people ask me what new features
Cassandra will have in six months, I have trouble answering; even in
two months plans change.)

Features completed as expected:
  1. online schema (keyspace + CF) changes
  2. change row keys from String to byte[]
  3. truncation support
  4. expiring column support
  5. configuration format moved to yaml
  6. DatacenterShardStrategy finished (with ConsistencyLevel.DCQUORUM

Features that are not yet finished but will probably work out more or
less as predicted:
  1. vector clock support
  2. avro support (note that "as predicted" for avro means "it will be
alpha/beta-ish," not that it will be a stable api for 0.7)
  3. support for wide rows (changes row width in the storage format
from 32bits to 64; reading old-format files will be supported)
  4. improved JVM defaults for garbage collection

Features that we are re-evaluating for 0.8:
  1. rewrite of storage engine to support arbitrarily nested columns

Features that we did not originally expect to do in 0.7, but are now
looking like they will happen:
  1. secondary indexes

For more detail, you can look at the trunk CHANGES file [2], the jira
completed-for-0.7 list [3] and the jira pending-for-0.7 list [4].

At this point I think we are 4-6 weeks away from a 0.7 beta.


Jonathan Ellis
Project Chair, Apache Cassandra
co-founder of Riptano, the source for professional Cassandra support

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