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From Eric Evans <>
Subject IRC channel(s)
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 17:16:30 GMT

Those of you who participate on IRC have probably noticed that we are
pretty regularly topping 200 users of late. That is an awesome indicator
of the projects vitality, but at some point increased traffic results in
decreased usefulness (at least for some).

As a result, there is a new channel, #cassandra-dev (also on Freenode).
The idea is that this channel will be restricted to discussion of
cassandra development only, while the existing channel will continue to
be the place for support and development *against* cassandra.

In order to make the new channel useful (and to prevent it from
diminishing #cassandra), I propose the following guidelines:

1. Anyone is free to join; there are no technological restrictions (i.e.
it's not moderated or invite-only).

2. On-topic is limited to the development *of* cassandra. Support
questions (and basically anything else) are off-topic.

3. If you are found to be off-topic, you'll be kindly redirected to
#cassandra (which in IMO is already an awesome resource for this).

4. Answering an off-topic question is considered off-topic. Goto #3 :)

5. The Cassandra community is an awesome bunch so I can't imagine that
one or two iterations of #3 wouldn't be enough, but...

5a. Repeated violation of the on-topic rule may result in additional
guidelines that specify decreasing levels of kindness and more forceful
forms of redirection. :)

The rationale for (1) is that this isn't about exclusivity, we're merely
trying to increase usability. The rationale for (2) through (5a) is that
there is no value in having two channels unless some distinction is

Comments? Questions?

Eric Evans

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