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From Peter Schüller <>
Subject Re: thinking about dropping hinted handoff
Date Mon, 22 Feb 2010 20:12:58 GMT
> #3 is, I think, the right answer. It make our system simpler and it
> makes the behavior in failure conditions more predictable and safe.

Any thoughts on time-to-self-heal? My impression browsing the code,
and it seems to be confirmed by some wiki material, is that
anti-entropy is triggered only during full compactations. While hinted
handoff is never a guarantee, doing without it completely probably
increases the urgency of anti-entropy.

In general, what are people's thoughts on the appropriate mechanism to
gain confidence that the cluster as a whole is reasonably consistent?
In particular in relation to performing maintenance that may require
popping nodes in and out in some kind of rolling fashion. Are full
compactations expected to be something you would want to trigger
semi-regularly on production clusters by hand?

/ Peter Schuller aka scode

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