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From Jaakko <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release 0.5.0-beta1
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 13:45:51 GMT
>> I'd propose to wait for a short while (until Monday or so). I think
>> there are some issues with bootstrapping (discussed with Jonathan
>> yesterday) and some of the things in CHANGES.txt are currently not
>> true. I'm working on bootstrap/move issues currently, so I'd propose
>> to wait to fix most obvious of them before giving trunk any "official"
>> beta status.
> We can still incorporate changes before the final release, I wouldn't
> consider this a hard-freeze yet (in fact, you'll notice that I tagged
> from trunk; no 0.5 branch has been created yet).

Well, now it is Monday :-) I think if we can include #575 (or similar
fix), bootstrapping should be OK for beta, so +1 from me too :-)

>> Also, it would be nice to have proactive repair in as well.
> I agree, but there are always items like this. I'd personally rather err
> on the side of Release Early, Release Often, then to get caught up
> hanging on a bit more for the Next Cool Thing.

That is of course true. I was thinking if it is close enough, we might
as well wait for one or two days, but it would now seem that there is
still some work to do.


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