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From Anthony Molinaro <>
Subject Re: overriding directories from command line (was: 2 problems running Cassandra as a developper)
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 17:39:15 GMT

  If you are thinking about config file changes I'd like to request some
sort of inclusion mechanism.   For instance, if you could had 2 keyspaces
which you want to deploy on separate clusters in production but allow
developers to install simultaneously on their development box, it would
be great if you could do this by have 3 files. One of which has settings
specific to the developer box (ie, memory settings), and one for each
keyspace.  Then I could create 5 packages (RPM or deb)

 1. one with the developer box settings which includes both keyspace configs
 2. one with the production box settings for the cluster controlling keyspace1
    which includes keyspace1 config.
 3. one with the production box settings for the cluster controlling keyspace2
    which includes keyspace2 config.
 4. one with just the keyspace1 config.
 5. one with just the keyspace2 config.

I could do all this with a bunch of preprocessing at package build time,
but that gets a little annoying.  And right now I just have the config
copied and everytime I need to change a CF I need to change it in 3
places (devel, qa, and prod configs).

One great solution would be to support the loading of multiple configs
from a directory.  You already see this a lot, for instance /etc/init.d
or /etc/httpd/conf.d on most unix systems.

Anyway, just throwing it out there.


On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 09:54:45AM -0600, Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> 2009/11/16 Ted Zlatanov <>:
> > - allow a prefix here, e.g. /usr/local/cassandra instead of the default /var
> -1 on this, I think it makes it too easy to shoot yourself in the foot.
> > - allow passing the prefix and any of the directories from the command
> >  line
> -1 on this too; we've already made it easy to run different config
> files from the same binaries --
> -- and
> search-and-replace is easy enough.
> > A general configuration facility to allow named variables and
> > interpolation, similar to what the Apache Commons Configuration classes
> > do for XML Property files
> > (,
> > would be really nice too.
> I'd rather move away from XML entirely to something like
> personally.
> -Jonathan

Anthony Molinaro                           <>

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