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From Jonathan Ellis <>
Subject Calling all mentors
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 15:19:10 GMT
Hey mentors,

We've had an RC2 vote over on incubator-general and cc'd here for
days.  Please vote.  This is getting frustrating: we never did finish
the RC1 vote, before it got lapped by RC2.

Remember when I was explaining that the reason I was reluctant to go
through the full release process for betas and RCs was it would make a
mockery of "release early, release often," and I got slapped down for
that?  I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. :P

It really is demoralizing to go through this, and it does affect the
development process.  (We've fixed a minor bug in 0.4 since RC2, and
if the incubator release gauntlet were less of a total disaster we
would do an RC3, but as it is the sentiment is "screw it, it would
have to be a much worse bug than that to justify going through this

The RC2 vote was called on the 11th.  Ant voted on the 14th.  Paul
Querna from ASF infrastructure also voted +1, so we just need one
more.  It's been five days.


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