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From Eric Evans <>
Subject Re: How is Cassandra going for graduation?
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 15:50:50 GMT
On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 15:33 +0100, ant elder wrote:
> The minimum requirements that a Podling SHALL meet prior to being
> graduated to the ASF are :
>     * Legal
>           o All code ASL'ed
>           o The code base must contain only ASL or ASL-compatible
> dependencies

Check and check.

>           o License grant complete
>           o CLAs on file.
>           o Check of project name for trademark issues

Not sure how to verify these.

>     * Meritocracy / Community
>           o Demonstrate an active and diverse development community

Based on the number of submitted Jira issues, the number of people
submitting them, the number of people submitting patches, the number of
people offering code reviews and testing, the increasing traffic on the
lists (we could do better here though), and the traffic on IRC (we
average > 50 people during peak hours)... Check.

>           o The project is not highly dependent on any single
> contributor (there are at least 3 legally independent committers and
> there is no single company or entity that is vital to the success of
> the project)

According to the status page there are 8 committers, representing (I
think ) 6 different organizations (or themselves). Some are more active
than others though, so I'm not sure how you'd score this.

>           o The above implies that new committers are admitted
> according to ASF practices

Two folks were just recently added.

>           o ASF style voting has been adopted and is standard practice

We've struggled with when, where and how to use this, but I think we are
basically OK here.

>           o Demonstrate ability to tolerate and resolve conflict
> within the community.

A prime example I think:

>           o Release plans are developed and excuted in public by the
> community.
>           o
>                 + (requirement on minimum number of such releases?)
>                 + Note: incubator projects are not permitted to issue
> an official Release. Test snapshots (however good the quality) and
> Release plans are OK.

A roadmap was discussed[0] for 0.3.0, and the fix-for-version metadata
in Jira was used to track the progress. Votes were held for release
candidates[1] and for the final[2]. There was also discussion regarding
post-release support of 0.3.0.[3]

IMO, we've been even better about this for 0.4.0[4] so far.


>           o Engagement by the incubated community with the other ASF
> communities, particularly infrastructure@ (this reflects my personal
> bias that projects should pay an nfrastructure "tax").

Not sure here. Could you explain this one?

>           o Incubator PMC has voted for graduation
>           o Destination PMC, or ASF Board for a TLP, has voted for
> final acceptance

Obvious not. :)

>     * Alignment / Synergy
>           o Use of other ASF subprojects
>           o Develop synergistic relationship with other ASF
> subprojects

We use quite a bit of ASF software (several of the commons libraries for
example), but the most prominent example is probably Thrift. There is
some overlap between project participants, and countless Thrift issues
have been filed by members of the Cassandra community (often accompanied
by patches).

>     * Infrastructure
>     *
>           o SVN module has been created
>           o Mailing list(s) have been created
>           o Mailing lists are being archived
>           o Issue tracker has been created
>           o Project website has been created
>           o Project ready to comply with ASF mirroring guidelines
>           o Project is integrated with GUMP if appropriate
>           o Releases are PGP signed by a member of the community
>           o Developers tied into ASF PGP web of trust

All good here too.

> See
> +Graduation+Requirements
> Thats not a completely accurate picture of all the current views of
> the active Incubator PMC but its a good place to start, how does
> Cassandra look wrt that list?

Eric Evans

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