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From Jonathan Ellis <>
Subject roadmap and 0.4
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 23:05:30 GMT
To recap: our mission with 0.3, as I see it, was to add features that
allow people to start modeling their app correctly on cassandra (range
queries and delete support) and file off the worst of the rough edges
from the initial code import.  Mission accomplished.

But 0.3 is already obsolete in a lot of ways so I think we need to
follow up with a relatively quick 0.4 so people don't write too much
code against an obsolete API or put too much data in a disk format
that has changed.

Here are the issues I think remain for 0.4:

I think we can get all these done in a couple weeks, no problem.
Bootstrap is the only one that might be problematic and I am willing
to push that to 0.5 if it looks *really* bad.

Any other Gotta Have tickets for 0.4?


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