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From Bill de hOra <>
Subject Re: REST client interface
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2009 22:40:23 GMT
Evan Weaver wrote:
> I was initially enthusiastic about a HTTP/JSON interface along vaguely
> similar lines, but I've changed my mind. It still might make sense as
> a stand-alone package that you could run on bastions in the cluster.

Why did you change your mind?

> Per-language clients based on the Thrift (or someday Avro) bindings
> seem like the way to go. No generated RPC will ever be idiomatic, and
> REST has its own impedance mismatches.

I wonder if they're as bad as the current mismatch RPC induces. And I 
wonder if Avro is a good fit; it seems to need schema to handle 
unexpected data.

> Maybe can you describe you use case?

I have a few.

Operations can query a Cassandra service with curl. Testers aren't 
required need to have thrift/java/ruby/whatever. HTTP is really good at 
long haul communications. HTTP supports content negotiation so your 
wireshark doesn't need a plugin (a la protobufs) to see the data. REST 
maps well onto data, and I'd argue it maps better than RPC.

Basically when you get past a developer sandbox, working via language 
bindings, binary, and rpc comes with a lot of suck.


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