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From Anthony Molinaro <>
Subject Re: Cassandra version number policy
Date Sat, 04 Jul 2009 04:24:56 GMT

On Thu, Jul 02, 2009 at 06:28:39PM -0500, Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> > A somewhat related question, I'm using an svn external to keep a tree
> > in my svn project which builds rpms and maven packages.  I currently have
> > that tree pointed at the HEAD, but that seems risky because its a moving
> > target.  I'd like to point at the 0.3.0 release.  Does the cassandra-0.3.0-rc3
> > tag represent that release?  (ie, if I were to download the tarball and
> > checkout that tag would the code be equivalent)
> Yes, the rc3 tag is what will be released as -final, modulo some yak
> shaving (
>  The code will be the same.

Oh, I just noticed 0.3 does not include the nodeprobe script, would that be
hard to backport?  I really like the idea of not having to poke holes to get
at the web server on my cassandra nodes.


Anthony Molinaro                           <>

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