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From Michael Greene <>
Subject Re: Alternative wire protocols
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 19:46:24 GMT
Jonathan Ellis<> wrote:
> IIRC my objection there was that for things like thrift/py that assume
> part of thrift is installed "normally" in python site-packages you
> can't just give someone a self-contained client module w/o some pretty
> gross hacks.

I was assuming one would use the existing Thrift to
distribute an sdist tarball or a setuptools egg, and then have a
Cassandra that includes the generated source package, and any
wrapper utilities the Cassandra community deems useful.

Evan Weaver<> wrote:
> Does the Thrift JSON stuff still require you to generate client bindings?

It's standard JSON, so no you don't have to generate client bindings.
To be honest, I've never used it myself (just BinaryProtocol) but
reading through
it looks like the objects it produces have a normal JSON structure,
and identify field IDs and the Thrift type of the value.


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