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From Jonathan Ellis <>
Subject Time to move to (ASF-sanctioned) git?
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2009 15:28:34 GMT
Yesterday I posted about my git-svn workflow [1].  What I didn't
expect was that a member of ASF infrastructure who is setting up a
pilot project [2] based on git + gerrit [3] instead of svn + jira
asked if we'd be interested in helping test it out.

They are setting it up so it will still push changes back to svn so we
can always go back to svn if it doesn't work out.

At first I was totally enthusiastic, but then I realized that if it
works out, we can move to it later and let someone _else_ shake out
the bugs first. :)

But if we move now then we don't have to deal with jira awfulness that
much sooner.

So I would be +0 (mildly in favor).


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