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From Zach Wily <>
Subject Re: Time to move to (ASF-sanctioned) git?
Date Mon, 29 Jun 2009 04:08:41 GMT
> comitters have signed a CLA already, and that applies to anything  
> they check in.
> so RTC or CTR doesn't really affect that. people who aren't  
> comitters will still have to submit JIRAs/whatever and check the  
> button to get code into the system. we could change the wording to  
> say the patch/pointer to the patch is CLA'd.

One nice thing about Gerrit is that you can configure it to allow  
anyone to log in via OpenID and submit a patch for review (after  
they've signed and submitted a CLA). Requiring a patch (from a non- 
committer) to go to JIRA first, then to Gerrit via a committer seems  
like a silly workflow, and negates one big benefit of Gerrit.


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