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From Sandeep Tata <>
Subject Re: working together
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 23:26:02 GMT
The refactoring question seems to be a bit of thorn:

> My understanding was that new committers come in and start with some feature
> implement that and then slowly start looking into what more they could do
> going forward. It is NOT come in and refactor the hell out of the system
> because you like something to be in a specific way. I do not beleive this
> will fly in any community. It is something like we now going through the
> entire code base and changing all the stuff just because I like it in a
> specific way. This seems ludicrous.

I think it is reasonable that a codebase that has evolved for over two
years has significant opportunity for refactoring when it is opened to
a host of new developers. That said, large scale refactoring *at this
stage* hurts us in two ways:

1. We don't have a rich suite of unit tests. Even automatic
refactoring without unit tests makes me uncomfortable.
2. Big refactoring makes it difficult for the original developers
(A&P) to review patches quickly.

I can understand Avinash's resistance to big refactoring, and to some
extent, I agree.

While I think we may need significant refactoring as the codebase
moves forward (to simplify, keep it healthy and make contributions
easier), perhaps we should hold off on accepting big refactorings
a) We have a richer suite of unit tests.
b) We've done an initial stable release

That seems like a reasonable restriction on the refactoring story, yes ?
Avinash, Prashant, Jonathan, others  -- does this seem like a good
strategy? Alternative ideas?

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