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From Jonathan ellis <>
Subject Re: Roadmap
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2009 10:42:03 GMT
Range queries isn't going to block us.  (The code is already written;  
I just need to rebase it and I'm waiting on #65 for that.)

But in principle I agree.


On Apr 16, 2009, at 1:42 AM, Per Mellqvist <> wrote:

> Great to see a target for a release!
> Personally I think the momentum of the project would benefit more from
> having a release to refer to, than any (other) new feature or
> improvement. I understand range queries are a priority for you
> Jonathan. I still wonder if it would not be better to limit 0.3 to
> only bug fixes (priority major or above)?
> // Per
> On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 12:02 AM, Jonathan Ellis <>  
> wrote:
>> I went all Enterprise on our jira and assigned issues to version  
>> "0.3"
>> that I'd like to get done in the relatively near future for our first
>> official release.
>> The list of issues is here:
>> Note that many issues are marked Patch Available which means we just
>> need to complete the review process for those.
>> If you want to grab one of the unassigned ones that would be awesome.
>> If you want to grab one of the ones I assigned to myself, that's
>> awesome too, but give me a heads up first so I don't duplicate your
>> effort. :)
>> Also, if there's other issues that you think should be on the 0.3  
>> list
>> feel free to add them.  (Correctness issues especially.)  But IMO we
>> should not let scope creep too much for our first Apache release.
>> -Jonathan
>> On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 12:51 PM, Jonathan Ellis <>  
>> wrote:
>>> Someone asked on IRC if there is a roadmap for Cassandra.  This is a
>>> good discussion to have. :)
>>> Personally my priority list looks like this:
>>> High priority:
>>>  1. range queries [which requires the partitioner changes we've  
>>> been discussing]
>>>  2. make cassandra not allow itself to run out of memory during
>>> sustained inserts
>>>  3. fix distributed remove issues
>>>  4. Support unicode keys
>>> Medium priority:
>>>  5. pre-emptive repair (what the dynamo paper calls anti-entropy)
>>>  6. load balancing
>>> (1) is substantially done but will probably need some tweaking  
>>> during
>>> code review.  And then the client api will probably need some  
>>> fleshing
>>> out (right now you just get a list of keys back, so that's not very
>>> efficient if you want to get columns for each of those too.)
>>> (2) has workarounds like binarymemtable but I'd really like to get  
>>> the
>>> main insert path able to handle large insert volume without falling
>>> over.  My co-worker is just starting to look into this.  I'm hoping
>>> there will be some straightforward improvements to make here.
>>> I outlined an approach to (3) that I think will work here:
>>> I'm waiting for Avinash's feedback but as outlined it is not much  
>>> code.
>>> (4) is a thrift issue, not Cassandra per se.  (see
>>> but it is on my
>>> plate so I thought I'd throw that out there.
>>> I have not started (5) or (6).  There are some stubs for load
>>> balancing in the code which is why I said in another thread that the
>>> Facebook developers have probably thought more about this.
>>> I know Avinash is currently finishing up multiget support.   
>>> Hopefully
>>> he will chime in about what his and Prashant's plans are next.
>>> -Jonathan

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