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From Roland Dreier <>
Subject Re: working together
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 05:20:47 GMT
 > (2) This is something that I have said many times over. Certain things are
 > the way they are for a reason. For example when I say ConcurrentHashMap is a
 > memory hog I say it because we have seen this in practice. How does it
 > manifest itself? I obviously do not recall since all this was over a year
 > ago.

Not to sidetrack the conversation too much -- but this is a perfect
example of why I suggested more informative changelog entries would be
valuable to the project going forward.  If you record this sort of
information along with changes to a file, then someone wondering why
code is written in a certain way at least has a hope of using "svn
blame" or the like and actually finding an answer.

 - R.

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