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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: working together
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 20:17:32 GMT
>> Well, I feel tricked into a vote now. That is NOT right. The vote
>> should come from the community - not the mentors. Whether you like it
>> or not.
> Tricked into a vote? What are you accusing me of, scheming in your back?

I am not accusing you but instead was just expressing a feeling.
I don't expect you really planed it *that* way ;-)

> I was just mentioning what I thought to be everybody's opinion at that point
> and I regret you didn't know (that was the "my bad" part). But tell me, how
> could I have known you didn't know? Read your mind?

Well, you said "it was by design". If that's the case I think it's not
too much to ask to bring it forward like that it's rather me no
being able to read your mind on this approach. After all we had
invited the committers to the private mailing list already.

What is more likely to expect: That they signed up or that you started
the vote on purpose without them?

>> "OK, now childs play together" .. it doesn't work that way.
> Oh really? So how does it work then, enlighten me.

In every somewhat decent kindergarten parents need to accompany their
child in the first weeks or even months. That's what they call
"familiarization". Not sure that is the right english term but...

Oh ...and the comparison to a kindergarten is purely accidental!! ;-)


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