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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: working together
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 07:44:22 GMT
>> 2. A missing definition of development process:
>>  - What is considered a valid code review?
>>  - How much are changes discussed up-front?
> I think we have a handle on this now.  All changes are put on Jira for
> review and are not committed until there is at least one +1 from a
> reviewer.  (I personally prefer post-commit review because manually
> attaching and applying patches is tedious but we don't have enough
> people following the commit log for that to work right now.)

I think it is important we come to a point where we discuss on dev and
there is enough freedom and trust for post-commit. Maybe in the
beginning going through JIRA is OK.
...but I fear that this is cumbersome and won't scale.

>>  - What is the roadmap? ...for whom? (weighted as a community)
> That's worth a separate thread. Such as this one. :)

Thanks for that. Indeed.

>> 3. Is trunk considered "stable"? Or aren't we missing a stable branch
>> for the required stability? Once we have the separation between stable
>> and trunk: Will patches really find it's way from trunk into stable?
>> Is Facebook OK with that approach. Will everyone cope with the
>> additional work of merging? Would it be useful ...or overkill to use
>> merge tracking?
> I'm happy to assist with merging code to or from stable branches in
> this scenario.


>> This is a tough situation but I hope everyone sees this as an
>> opportunity. Please let's discuss this openly in civilize manner.
>> Focusing on how to solve these points rather than looking at the past.
>> Please talk to each other. Can you/we work this out together?
> This can still be a win/win for everyone.  I think that historically
> facebook has felt like the community hasn't contributed much of value,
> but we're starting to change that. The build and test process is
> dramatically better than it was before thanks to community
> contributions.  We have a real daemon mode.  (Well, not in the purest
> sense, but it runs in the background nicely w/o nohup or screen. :)
> We've also found and fixed several concurrency bugs, and we're well on
> the way to having remove and range queries implemented.
> Our IRC population has more than doubled.  (#cassandra on freenode:
> for a web client)  We have a chance to make this more than a niche
> project.

+1 to that

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