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From Brian>
Subject Re: cordova/debug vs. cordova/emulate
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 01:11:17 GMT
The orig scripts did have some symmetry. Change happens. =)

My ideal for each mobile os platforms:

- cordova/build: just compiles the app
- cordova/log: attached a logger to stdout for console.log messages
- corodova/emulate: compiles, then launches in platform emulator (and
attaches logger)
- cordova/debug: compiles the app and launches to device if attached
and falls back to platform emulator (and attaches logger)

Also would be nice if the bin/create script was renamed to
cordova/create and gave help if ran w/ no args (for better symmetry).

The cordova-cli currently is paining over the differences and can take
care of smarts like static file serving and ripple case.

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 5:43 PM, Andrew Grieve <> wrote:
> Many questions around what these are supposed to do.
> The current state:
> iOS:
> cordova/debug: Does a clean build in debug mode
> cordova/emulate: Does a build if the app does not exist, but doesn't
> attempt to build if it's there but stale. Runs the app in the simulator via
> ios-sim
> Android:
> cordova/debug: Builds and installs the app on a running emulator
> codrova/emulate: Starts an emulator, but doesn't launch the app. Doesn't
> build or install the app.
> I'm not sure about other platforms...
> There's was a recent proposal (today even?) about changing cordova/emulate
> to launch the app in Ripple. That might make sense, although I think Ripple
> may make more sense as a separate platform in the CLI world (e.g. "cordova
> platform add ripple").
> on iOS - why do a clean build instead of a regular build?
> on Android - why not build from emulate? Is there a way to launch the app
> via adb (probably there is).
> on both platforms - "debug" doesn't make sense to me. How about calling it
> "build"
> on both platforms - I think it would make more sense if "emulate" always
> performed an incremental build first.
> Thoughts on any of this?

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