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From Brian>
Subject Re: plugin analysis
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 18:13:48 GMT
>    - Cordova plugins depend on specific versions of the cordova library,
>    and specific versions of xcode, android build tools, and other SDKs.  npm
>    doesnt provide a way to declare those external plugin dependencies, or
>    query by them.

Sure it does. engine attribute in package.json (but will require a
custom couch view which can be authored rather quickly).

>    - one thing that would really be helpful in the future is to have the
>    ability to set up rules at the repo publishing point. For example,
>    preventing someone from publishing a new plugin that re-uses and existing
>    package name ( and doing basic sanity checks that are
>    specific to our plugin format. Using npm makes this a lot harder.

I do not understand the problem but I'm certain once there is code we
could implement a solution. (Lets not solve ones we do not yet have
too much!)

>    - npm is intended as a dev tool and package manager for node based
>    apps/libs. We'd be overloading it's intended behavior by throwing in a
>    bunch of plugins that are relevant only to the Cordova platform.

ya its cool, I've talked to the node guys about it. we'll likely run a
separate federated registry in the future. in issac's own words, 'npm
is a commons for js'

>    Having a little discovery portal like that is
>    specific to our community would be huge.

thats the vision breaux

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