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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: State of command-line tools
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 17:49:59 GMT
I'll try to keep this short. Understand it is hard to keep up with all of
the different projects involved but I think they exist for good reason.

I have been pushing code for the cordova-client aggregate CLI tooling to
the cordova-labs repo, under the cordova-client branch [1]. I'm mirroring
all commits to my fork on GitHub [2]. I am using the simple issues list on
GitHub (sorry JIRA) to track outstanding tasks [3].

Cordova-client depends on pluginstall, which lives in GitHub [4].
Pluginstall depends on node-xcode [5], which also lives in GitHub.

Anis is currently working on adding plugin uninstallation. He is doing
this on his _fork_ of pluginstall [6], which in terms depends on his
_fork_ of node-xcode [7].

I am working on having the user-facing config.xml file as the entry point
for defining app metadata. So things like app names and package names get
picked up from the config.xml and the right native bits get updated in the
native projects every time you run the tools.

The fact this is on GitHub is only for convenience. Eventually it will
make its way into a "proper" Apache repository. If anyone would like to
help out, I would check out the issues list on GitHub [3]. If this is a
problem I can move everything to JIRA. That said, pluginstall + node-xcode
are stand-alone tools at this point and MIT licensed, so I think it is OK
if we keep those on GitHub *for now*.

Once this code is ready to move out of labs, we can then figure out what
code should live where.



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