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From Brian>
Subject Re: Board report
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 17:21:10 GMT
> It would be good to see the project set a date for graduation. Will it
> be prior to the next board report or aftrer that. It doesn't matter if
> you miss the date, there are no "penalties", but I think it is good to
> set a goal.

Agree---will kick up thread on this

> My only other comment is that we really don't care where new
> committers are employed. It's not relevant from a community point of
> view. There's no harm, but ASF projects tend to ignore affiliations
> since everyone is expected to act as an individual anyway.

Understood, my own OCD twitch at work there. While we expect ppl to
think in terms of our larger project goals there's obvious corporate
interest in Cordova and making note of that feels a more transparent
(to me)

Of course this said, completely confident we all want the same thing
as individuals: building kick ass mobile applications with web
technology. =)

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