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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject Re: Android version support level in Cordova 2.0.0?
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 16:16:58 GMT
On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 7:12 AM, Andrew Grieve <> wrote:
> In my playing with Android, I've had some issues with this as well. Here's
> what I've found:
> In the template AndroidManifest, it specifies version level 8 (should this
> be 7 then?):

It should be 7, picking 8 is really weird since it excludes Android 2.1

> The framework AndroidManifest specifies version 2 (this should certainly
> match the template's value):

This is very old, and most likely should be ignored. We don't support
any Android versions below 2.1 and there would be some weird runtime
errors if you were to run PhoneGap on a T-Mobile G1.

> Once updating the value in the framework's manifest, Eclipse complains
> about one of CordovaWebView's constructors calling a super-constructor that
> is new in API version 11 (privateBrowsing).
> Adding @TargetSdk(11) fixes this warning. Is that the correct fix though?

That is correct.  We don't care about that warning, since we always
target the latest SDK, and older SDKs won't be running newer
constructors.  We also assume that anyone who is turning on private
browsing on a PhoneGap application knows what they're doing, and that
since it's open source, and this requires source modification to do
this, they get to keep both pieces. :)

That being said, we make sure that CORE phonegap features work.  We
can't vouch for plugins, and I find that we're on this constant
slippery slope with plugins and other Java dev happening in the
Android version that we should find ways to work around.


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