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From Lorin Beer <>
Subject Re: Media API on Android
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 21:24:02 GMT
alright, I've merged your changes with my patch, which still addresses a potential bug (seekOnPrepared
properly resets during the listener regardless of if playback begins or not)

the pull request is here

On 2012-08-08, at 11:17 AM, Lorin Beer <<>>

CB-1048: reloads media source on every call
CB-1048 should have been fixed by the patch referenced in the issue comments, please let me
know. I have a completed fix for CB-403 as well, but it was a fairly minor fix, just a few
lines. I'll send the pull request and you can decide if you want to use it.

I believe CB-1129 is an issue with the Mobile Spec, and not native android.

- Lorin

On 2012-08-08, at 10:52 AM, Simon MacDonald <<>>

I have a feeling our changes are going to stomp all over each other.
My current stream has fixes for the following issues:

CB-1211: Media record uses a .mp3 extension when it is a .3gp file
CB-1206: file uri not handled correctly by Media Player
CB-1077: Media.getDuration fails intermittently
CB-403: Media.seekTo on first play
CB-1196: No onSuccess callback after a complete play of the local mp3 file


CB-1129: Streaming media requires two presses of "Plays" before beginning

seems to be working as well. I'm looking into:

CB-1048: reloads media source on every call

right now. Then I need to do some more testing and polish up my test
program before pushing any code.

Simon Mac Donald

On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 1:29 PM, Lorin Beer <> wrote:

Hey Simon,

I've taken a look at the Media API as well. I submitted a patch addressing seekTo behaviour,
but it only fixed streaming media. I have another patch to fix both streaming and local media
Generally speaking, one thing I found frustrating was a lack of explicitly defined behaviour
for the various states of a Media object. Developing a state transition diagram, then insuring
the behaviour conforms to it would be a good way to start.

I've grabbed back a few issues which I was actively working on half complete solutions for,
and I'll submit a patch today/tomorrow, in particular CB-1129.

- Lorin

On 2012-08-08, at 8:45 AM, Simon MacDonald <> wrote:

Hey all,

I'm doing a deep dive into the Media API on Android. We have a number of
outstanding issues open on the Media API and a lot of folks are complaining
about the changes in 1.9/2.0 intermittently breaking things. I've actually
been able to verify the intermittent failures so I know they are not
If anyone is currently working in this area let me know as I don't
want to stomp on anyone changes if I can avoid it.

Simon Mac Donald

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