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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: [ATTN MENTOR] Re: DISCUSS: Ripple as a sub-project of Cordova
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2012 17:48:21 GMT
I am agnostic on whether or not Ripple should be a Cordova sub-project. I
think it is more of a question of perception. What's important to me is
that it makes it into Apache in one form or another!

On 7/24/12 6:15 PM, "Laurent Hasson" <> wrote:

>Do you know if there is any intention for Tizen to support Cordova APIs?
>This is very interesting, and I suppose there might also be interest for
>FirefoxOS APIs?
>This would certainly put a new spin on Ripple and may go along Ross'
>initial comment about Ripple maybe being not just about Cordova. This has
>been my (limited) thinking so far, but there is certainly a great deal of
>opportunities if that type of extension makes sense.
>Thank You
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>From: Paul Plaquette []
>Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 5:26 AM
>Subject: Re: [ATTN MENTOR] Re: DISCUSS: Ripple as a sub-project of Cordova
>hi ,
>the Ripple source code is also the base for the tizen web simulator that
>is integrated in the tizen sdk [1]
>tizen web simulator is also available to open source community [2] on
>intel [3] web site.
>currently the idea is to add tizen web apis: specific tizen api, but
>also all standard apis that tizen is going to have from several sources
>(W3C, Khronos group etc...) - tizen documentation describes all this in
>details [4]
>may be something could be combined in adding cordova support in ripple?
>Paul Plaquette
>Senior Software Engineer
>Open Source Technology Center
>Intel Corp.,Montpellier, France
>On 07/22/2012 12:14 AM, Filip Maj wrote:
>> I am very excited about this!
>> The cordova suite of projects have never addressed emulation and my
>> has always been Ripple.
>> If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.
>> Mentors (Jukka?): other than setting up a repository, do you foresee any
>> issues with moving ahead with this? At the minimum I understand an audit
>> of the code and decoupling existing code from RIM-specific stuff is a
>> necessity, as well as a license audit (RAT tool), but, any other issues
>> you foresee or any recommendations/guidance on moving this forward that
>> our community could help with?
>> On 7/20/12 4:20 PM, "Gord Tanner" <> wrote:
>>> RIM has done a lot of work in Ripple to support the Cordova (PhoneGap)
>>> platform, now having almost full support for all of the platform APIs.
>>> We(RIM) believes that the natural home for Ripple is in the Apache
>>> Software
>>> Foundation as a sub-project of Cordova and we want to contribute
>>>Ripple to
>>> the ASF. However, this is the first time we are doing something like
>>> and the entire company is focused on our BB10 delivery.
>>> We have been working very closely with the former Nitobi guys and will
>>> also
>>> work closely with the Cordova community. We hope to have the support
>>> needed
>>> in this community to help us find the best way to make this happen.
>>> If you are wondering what ripple is you can see the code here:
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