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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Should I implement support for AddressBook sources on iOS?
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 16:42:27 GMT
Not sure about how to modify the interfaces.. When it comes to changing
the APIs, we have to be careful as this will affect all platforms.

We are revisiting APIs after 2.0.. I know it's not very helpful. I'm not
sure how much effort is going into the W3C contacts API [1]. The last
draft is from June of last year.. We have many issues in JIRA related to
shortcomings of this API. This API may be a candidate to rewrite and
create our own, one that meets the demands of cordova users. My 2 cents.

As for where to send the CLA, at the top of the CLA it says where to email
a scan of the document, or where to mail it in. See the top of the ICLA
document [2].


On 7/10/12 6:43 PM, "Olivier Louvignes" <> wrote:

>Dear CDV team,
>I've been working with AddressBook sources tonight after discovering some
>strange errors when updating a contact bound to a Microsoft Exchange
>source. I can't really explain why it fails for now.
>I'm willing to commit some time to implement source retrieval & selection
>to fix my needs (& help others). However i would need to know :
>Are you interested by such feature?
>How would it fit with the W3C Contact standard you use?
>-> It would require :
>to add a new js interface (instance method) to list allSources & the
>default source.
>to add several new findOptions (source:id, pickBestLocalSource:boolean).
>to add an option for contact saving/updating to be able to create it on a
>specific source.
>It would also be great to add both a sourceId & sourceType property on
>each deviceContact, in order to know where a contact come from.
>I've built a few PGPlugins in the past, & I've already done most of the
>work, I just need your approval & eventual guidelines .
>PS : I've posted an improvement ticket on JIRA :
>PS2 : Did sign the CLA, just need to know where to send it (from France!).
>Olivier Louvignes
>Envoyé avec Sparrow (

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