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From Shazron <>
Subject [iOS] Postponement of ARC support in 2.0
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2012 18:34:16 GMT
"PhoneGap Day" (July 20) is fast approaching and that is coinciding
with the release of 2.0. ARC support is slated for 2.0.

ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) is a huge change and I believe we
need more time to test and work out the kinks, which there will be
lots, guaranteed. Upgrade includes:

    1. Upgrading their current project. Medium risk - this will
involve not using the .framework, but using the sub-project. We have
upgrade instructions already, just need to tweak it.
    2. Upgrading their plugins. High risk, since if plugins are NOT
ARC ready (conditional compilation pre-processor macros), they will
need to add a linker flag in their Build Phase for their plugin files.
This is where most things will go wrong.

I propose postponing ARC support to a later release to coincide with
the release of iOS 6 by Apple (the Fall - most likely with the iPhone
5 release), but in the meantime we communicate through blog posts and
such this upcoming change. Pushing this huge change for a significant
release (2.0) in this short time frame I don't believe is best for
devs using Cordova, not without a longer test period (this summer).

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