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From Shazron Abdullah <>
Subject Re: Double check iOS?
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 15:41:36 GMT
No it is all correct. There are no more Xcode templates, command line
create a new project (see readme)

On 2012-07-16, at 8:37 AM, Becky Gibson <> wrote:

> I just pulled down the latest iOS sources, did a make and installed the
> framework  from the dmg and created a new project.    It all looks correct,
> the VERSION file has 2.0.rc1 and my <user>/Documents/CordovaLib directory
> shows updated files and cordova.ios.js is dated July 13.  However, my new
> project has Cordova-1.9.0.js in the www directory with the following
> information:
> // commit 25033fceac7c800623f1f16881b784d19eba69cc
> // File generated at :: Thu Jun 21 2012 22:03:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)?
> Now, this could easily be a user error on my part, but I don't see anything
> obvious.  I did close xcode before installing Cordova.   Unfortunately I
> can't debug further right now but wanted to at least give a heads up on
> this.  I'll try to look at it again later on today.
> -becky

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