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From Tyler Gannon <>
Subject Apache Cordova: inquiry about graduation status and timeline
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 19:13:08 GMT
Hi All,
     I hope this question doesn't come off as stupid -- I need to ask it in order to make
the case for implementing Cordova for a Fortune 500 client who, to put it nicely, is reluctant
to accept open source technology for use in its infrastructure.

     I am curious if somebody can give me a sense of what currently stands in the way of graduation
from the incubator, what is the estimated timeline for graduation, and overall odds of graduation
in general.  

     I hope to be able to tell the client  a story like "this product is still in incubation
stage but … <something about its maturity>, <a word about codebase stability>,
and graduation is simply a matter of <???> over the coming <??> months.

     Many thanks for the awesome product and as well for any help you can give me in putting
it us as a key and viable element of our proposal.

Tyler Gannon
Berkeley, Ca

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