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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: [Android] Plugin.ctx needs a rename
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 21:58:35 GMT
Sure thing.

So from the early PhoneGap/Cordova days, the plugin interface (see [1] for
old code ref from 0.9.6) has had a "ctx" member which pointed to a
PhoneGapActivity (later renamed CordovaActivity) member which was an
interface that extended the Android Activity class. The Activity class
extends the Context class. So, in terms of naming, this made a lot of
sense. In plugins back in the days of yore, you could do this in your
plugin code:


.. And get access to Android Context info. Standard Java casting ceremony.
Nothing out of the ordinary.

Since CordovaWebView came into the picture, it is no longer necessary that
the top-level class housing the cordova web view is an activity. All that
we require now is that the housing class implement the CordovaInterface.
Therefore we don't have the guarantee that "ctx" is a Context.

This changes things. You can no longer cast a plugin's "ctx" member to

For me it's just about labeling. Rename this to something not resembling
"Context" so it is _less_ confusing.

Hope that makes sense.


On 6/18/12 2:45 PM, "Brian LeRoux" <> wrote:

>cool w/ that, and of course I trust you, but can you explain the
>problem with ctx, a familiar convention since the earliest days of
>phonegap/android, so I understand the benefit of the proposed
>(breaking plugins will cause some backlash and, as I mentioned,
>creating a more abstract interface does increase ramp up for new
>native devs)
>On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 4:35 PM, Filip Maj <> wrote:
>> Brian, we're doing Android devs (potential plugin authors) a favor here,
>> trust me.
>> 2.0 is our chance to break interfaces.
>> Also, +1 to Bryce's comment re: get this change in for 1.9, deprecate
>> .ctx member in 1.9 as well, and axe it in 2.0.
>> On 6/18/12 12:15 PM, "Brian LeRoux" <> wrote:
>>>I'm of the opinion that native impl should *not* abstract the
>>>platforms at the plugin level. It breaks old plugins, which is fine,
>>>but for what benefit? Conceptual purity at that level will make it
>>>harder to recruit plugin authors from their respective navtive
>>>On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 3:06 PM, Michael Brooks
>>><> wrote:
>>>> If we are planning to rename the Cordova interface object, then we
>>>> do it for each platform in a consistent manner. There should be a
>>>> JIRA issue with sub-tasks for each Cordova platform.
>>>> On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 11:50 AM, Filip Maj <> wrote:
>>>>> Yeh "ctx" implies Context, especially for Android peoples, so +1 to
>>>>> renaming to something less Android-ey.
>>>>> On 6/18/12 11:45 AM, "Joe Bowser" <> wrote:
>>>>> >Hey
>>>>> >
>>>>> >Since we're approaching 2.0 and since part of the goals of 2.0 is
>>>>> >improve the plugin architecture, I'm wondering if we should take
>>>>> >opportunity to give the CordovaInterface variable on
>>>>> >other than ctx, which on Android usually refers to a context.  The
>>>>> >for this is the fact that there's a use case where the
>>>>> >may
>>>>> >not be a Context.  I propose that we change the name to cordova.
>>>>> >
>>>>> >I'm not sure if this needs a JIRA ticket or not.
>>>>> >
>>>>> >Any thoughts?
>>>>> >
>>>>> >Joe

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