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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] using JSON.parse to parse messages from native
Date Sat, 02 Jun 2012 18:43:48 GMT
We include json2.js in our BlackBerry implementation because BlackBerry 5
(which we still support) needs it. iOS should probably follow suit.

OK, I'll pull in the patch for Android and make the necessary changes for

Thanks all!

On 6/1/12 6:47 PM, "Patrick Mueller" <> wrote:

>On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 9:18 PM, Jesse <> wrote:
>> I know it is always available, just meant that if it is not built into
>> browser on a version we support, then we need to add a note that the
>> developer needs to bundle/include it in their html.
>> I believe we still have a comment in the generated html code for iOS for
>> older versions.
>hmmm.  That sounds a bit error-prone.  I'm guessing this problem won't be
>with us for too much longer, but I think we should either include json2.js
>on any platform that might not have JSON, or at least provide an
>noisy warning (write into the DOM, alert(), etc), if we detect JSON is not
>Patrick Mueller

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