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From Simon MacDonald <>
Subject Android Camera changes
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 18:24:40 GMT
Hey all,

I've been spending a lot of time in the Camera code recently trying to
improve it in a number of ways. First off the way we were loading the
entire image into a Bitmap (stored in memory) was causing some
problems. For instance on my Samsung Galaxy Note a picture takes up 30
mb of memory when loaded into a Bitmap. This was causing out of memory
errors in apps that use the camera.

I've gone through the code and made a number of improvements.

1) If the call to get picture does not require a width, height or
quality change we no longer load the image into a Bitmap as it is
unnecessary. Saves a ton of memory.
2) If the call to get picture requires a width and height change we no
longer load the entire image into a Bitmap. First we take advantage of
the input sample size to load a smaller version of the image which is
closer to the width and height of the one requested by the user. For
instance if users calls get picture asking for a 900 x 900 image we
load the image into memory using a sample size of 2 which gives us a
1000 x 1000 image that is resized to 900 x 900. This saves a bunch of
unnecessary memory usage as well as a 2000x2000 image is 15.6 mb while
a 1000x1000 image is only 3.9 mb so the benefit on memory usage is
3) I fixed an issue on Samsung devices where a picture is still stored
in the Gallery even if you set saveToPhotoAlbum to false.
4) I fixed the long standing issue where a picture taken in portrait
mode ends up being displayed on it's side in the webview. This is
because the web view just doesn't care about exif orientation
information. Now I rotate all images to the normal orientation. Images
display correctly in the webview, Gallery and on the desktop.

So I really would like to check this in before 1.9.0 is release but
I'd love if someone could look over the code just to make sure my
changes are sane.


Simon Mac Donald

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