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From Brian LeRoux <>
Subject one file to rule them all: some post 2.x thoughts
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 21:56:33 GMT
Just had a water cooler discussion about the holy grail of having one
js file to rule them all.

1. platforms have differences but could it be feasible to ship all
those differences in the single file and sort out which traits to load
at runtime. this would certainly introduce a latency and parse hit.
this would force us to really be thinking about a protocol to minimize
platform differences instead of brute forcing it.

2. the cordova.js file could document.write a script tag including the
auto compiled src file (still doing different files for each platform
but the src would feel cleaner to end developers). same performance we
have today.

3. do as we do today: different files for every platform treated as a
build artifact.

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