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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: jshint and white-space "fixes"
Date Thu, 17 May 2012 21:32:53 GMT
K I get that. So let's change it to only complain and not re-write tabs.
And trailing white space if that applies here.

Also, srsly, run the tests/a build before you push commits. Comeon folks
(I'm looking at you Mr. Bada!)

On 5/17/12 2:16 PM, "Patrick Mueller" <> wrote:

>> "why you gotta do this to me pat?" [1]
>jshint didn't complain to me at all, even though it seems to be running as
>part of every build. [2]  What am I doing wrong?
>That seems weird, because in, fact, I >did< see whitespace fixes in that
>bada file (that you "fixed" in your commit), AFTER I had done a build.
> Because the white-space-fixer DOES run as part of the build [3]. Of
>course, I didn't make any changes to the bada file, so was a little
>confused it showed up as a mod in git status. (I reverted it before I did
>my commit, so my "fixed" version was not committed).
>It seems wrong to have the white-space-fixer run like that.  I don't mind
>it COMPLAINING about a file with "wrong" whitespace during a "build".  I
>NOT LIKE that it rewrites source code during a "build".
>The fact that a bada file with "bad whitespace" ended up committed means
>someone didn't do a build after changing the file, sometime before it was
>committed, since the evil white-space-fixer-behind-your-back woulda fixed
>it up.  >THAT< is a problem.
>Patrick Mueller

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